Where is your BBQ going ?

Almost everyone will grill out during the year.  But what are you barbequing?   Most of us will pick a steak or a hamburger to cook when people come over for dinner.  But I am trying to push people toward other types of meat.  Did you know that lamb is the most popular meat in the world?  Followed closely by GOAT, yes goat.


 Most people know me as,  “The guy who roast cows whole” at Bovinoche, and I am but I have tried to make it my mission to get people trying new foods or different ways to cook them.  As we move into some cooler weather and thoughts of cooking outside dance in our heads I encourage you to BE DIFFERENT.  Maybe use hard wood charcoal instead of briquettes for your grill.  Add some chips to aluminum foil for you gas grill users for some smoke flavor.


 Here is an idea next time you have people over roast two chickens, buy one cheap factory farm chicken and another organic free range chicken.  Season them the same way and cook them side by side.  We all know that the organic one taste better but do you REALLY know the difference? Now let’s go crazy and wrap your next chicken in foil and then in clay and bake on the grill or lay in the coals for 45 minutes.  After cooked,  bring out a sword (my preferred method for getting to the chicken) or a hammer to bust it open and eat some beautiful steamed chicken.  If you mess up don’t worry there is a pizza place close to you.

         Try some ground lamb burgers alongside your normal burgers, or maybe a leg of lamb, they come deboned and ready to cook.  There are several reputable places on the internet where you can get some exotic meat such as llama (it will surprise you at how good it is) or even alligator or emu.  I won’t even get started about exotic sausages that will really turn a dinner into a party.


Just go light a fire and cook some meat!!!  If you have any questions go to my website, www.IcookWholeCows.com and send me a message.  I want to know what you are cooking or what you have experienced in other countries.  So many of these methods for cooking meat are being lost as our elders pass away. 


Jeff “Rhino” Bannister is an entrepreneur who just sold his business of 21 years and has been cooking since he was a child.  In 2010 he and some friends founded Bovinoche a whole cow roast.  He has been featured on The Travel Channel, Food Network and The Cooking Channel.  Jeff was also one of the “Fat Guys” on the Weather Channels “Fat Guys in the Woods”.