Since 2009 the Asheville Wine &Food Festival has been introducing us to new chefs and flavors from Western North Carolina.  This year it’s back, bigger and better than ever.


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Lexie and Hank from Cordial & Craft WIN The Asheville Food and Wine Cocktail Elixir Challenge

Lexie and Hank from Cordial & Craft WIN The Asheville Food and Wine Cocktail #Elixir Challenge!! We are proud to partner with Cordial & Craft on events. Need to plan a wedding, BIG birthday, office party, retirment party, graduation or non-profit gala?

Call us @MetroWines and let's get started. (828) 575-9525

The Winning Recipe: The New Carolina Gin Fizz: 

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Beer Blind Tasting Goes Mobile!

I hope some of you made it out to the Asheville Wine and Food Festival last weekend.  It was amazing!  We had a blast at the Metro Wines booth.  We got to meet a lot of new faces and some familiar ones, too while we were selling wines as the retail outlet for many of the wines featured at the Grand Tasting.
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'Year of the Monk’

Good Eats and Meets just finished up a whirlwind weekend full for food, drink and loads of merriment at the Asheville Wine and Food Festival. What an amazing time was had by all that attended. From the craft cocktail inspired Elixir event on Thursday, the Sweet dessert driven event on Friday and the Grand Tasting event on Saturday, this year’s festival just proves the tested notion that things get better with age.  Good Eats and Meets was honored to take part in three jam packed days of edible and liquid goodness!

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Stop feeding your guest STEAK.

Lesson Learned: It means you don’t like them very much.


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Where is your BBQ going ?

Almost everyone will grill out during the year.  But what are you barbequing?   Most of us will pick a steak or a hamburger to cook when people come over for dinner.  But I am trying to push people toward other types of meat.  Did you know that lamb is the most popular meat in the world?  Followed closely by GOAT, yes goat.


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