Southeastern Cuisine and The Asheville Wine & Food Festival!

In anticipation for the Asheville Wine & Food Festival we’ll be talking all things southern food today, and why not? It’s only an intricate part of our lives here in the south and since the arrival of spring the fields have come to life with sun-kissed produce for harvesting. The creak of screen doors have begun singing, honey suckle is running wild, the crickets are demanding your attention and the smell of smoked meat is in the air. Southern cuisine is the heartbeat of the southeast United States.

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Food Fan, on Asheville Wine & Food Festival, bitters and booze

Hello Asheville!

It’s coming… Asheville Wine & Food Festival is coming… and I’m about to completely piss myself with excitement.

Last year I managed to cry, whine, cajole, bribe, and bully my way into a pair of preemo passes for me and Dawn to attend all three events: ELIXER, SWEET, and THE GRAND TASTING, and, holy moly… I’d never been to anything like it before. Heaven. Hell. Both. So much food, so many people. So so sooooo many people.

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Why Dining Out is So Much Fun in Asheville

I know you’ve all heard it 100 times: Asheville is a foodie city.  But there are foodie cities and there are foodie cities and in Asheville the food is not only good but it so much fun to dine out here.  And here’s why:

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Bring Joy to Your Day with Mindful Eating

This is what the potato plant looks like. Potatoes are roots that you don’t see until harvest.

One of the most fundamental reasons I write about food is joy.

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AMUSE: Just One More Week!


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RABBIT, RABBIT, RABBIT! - Final Chefs Challenge


SG Séguret


This year’s final showdown of the Asheville Scene Chefs Challenge occupied an entire side of the US Cellular Center during the last intensely distilled hour of the sixth annual Asheville Wine & Food Festival.


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Beer. Asheville. Wine and Food Festival.

It’s that time, folks. This week — Thursday, Friday & Saturday. The Asheville Wine and Food Festival is a happening. And thus far in our conversations about the fesival we’ve discussed wine, prohibition and liquor. So, what could possibly be missing from this equation (other than, you know, food)? Beer. The answer is Beer.

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Blueberry Old Fashioned Celebrating Elixir

by Angela Roberts on August 10, 2014


Asheville, North Carolina has become a weekend getaway destination for foodies far and near, year-round. The mere mention of Asheville will easily become a food-centric conversation.  The 2014 Asheville Wine and Food Festival is proof of that as the culmination of all good things to drink and eat in this charming Southern town come together for a three day celebration.   The Asheville Wine and Food Festival will begin on Thursday night, August 21st, and end on Saturday at the Main Event.


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