You might be surprised to learn that there are 35 wineries within 100 miles of Asheville. We are surrounded by wineries, and more are on the way. North Carolina has just reached 121 wineries and boasts more than 425 vineyards, ranking the state among the top five destinations in the country for wine enthusiasts. What’s more, North Carolina wineries and vineyards contribute more than $1.2 billion to the state’s economy, and nearly 7,600 jobs are supported by the industry.


Our local wineries offer wonderful wines at a fair price. Imagine what it will be like in another decade? The local wine industry can be successful only if we want it to be successful. We encourage you to help shape the demand by visiting local wineries, wine festivals, wine dinners, wine stores, and buying local wines. Become curious about our wines and help grow the wine industry in North Carolina. It’s going to take everyone working together!


To learn more, here are several great resources.

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