They had me at ham biscuit bites and mini rum and Cokes. Our first ELIXIR event entailed two very happy hours filled with food, spirit samples, and a mixology competition that brought out the creativity in some of Asheville's best bartenders. Each bartender in the competition had to incorporate Angry Orchard Hard Cider into the mix. Using local hooch, fresh herbs and fruits, and my new favorite big round ice balls, they really got into the spirit of things. The Asheville Scene staff served as judges, and had their "work" cut out for them. Each was more delicious than the next (all going down a little too easy), but it was MG Road's Kyle Beach who had the winning drink:


100 Proof Heartache

Del Maguey Vida mescal

Carriage House apple brandy

Angry Orchard Cider reduction w/ ginger & kashmiri chili


Cinnamon Syrup

Domaine de Canton

Tumeric Foam


Other fun concotions outside the competition included a Limoncello Jell-O shot from Aloft, a spicy cucumber lemonade from TOPO Distillery, and a dangerously smooth take on a Manhattan from Troy & Sons. There were SO many more, but as the evening wore on, so did my buzz. Check out our photo gallery for a clear picture of the party. (Photos by Micah Mackenzie)